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Belief paves the way for experience, and experience in turn validates belief. Shift your beliefs, and observe your experiences leading you to a meaningful life."

About me

Hello there! I'm Shridhevi Veerappan, a small business owner, Indian, wife, and mother. Having navigated the challenges of juggling multiple roles, I intimately understand the pressures and struggles of trying to balance it all while determining what truly matters.

Through my own journey, I've discovered invaluable tools and resources that have significantly improved the quality of my life. Now, I'm thrilled to share these insights with you!

Whether you're seeking to streamline your priorities, manage stress, or find clarity amidst the chaos, I'm here to support you. Drop me a line, and let's work together to pave a transformative path towards a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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Why me?

  • 13+ years in the behavior change business.

  • Certified Health and Life Coach.

  • Evidence-based approaches with proven positive results.

  • Embrace culturally diverse and neuro diverse populations.



Culturally responsive Transformational coach for career moms.



Helping women manage stress and enhance their quality of life in areas that are meaningful for them.

1. Relationships/family

2. Career

3. Money 

4. Health

5. Network/ Connections

6. Spirituality

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