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ACT based exposure therapy

Are you  suffering for anxious thoughts or obsessive compulsive behaviors?

BEing yoU uses  ACT based exposure therapy to help change your relationship with these thoughts and feelings. By doing so, you'll be able to engage in meaningful behavior that aligns with your values and leads you to live your best life being you.


What is ACT?

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)  aims to help individuals accept difficult experiences and emotions, while also committing to making positive changes in their lives. 

  • ACT is an evidence based approach that is grounded in Relational Frame Theory which is a subsect of Clinical Applied Behavior Analysis. This method is used to help individuals of all ages cope with a range of emotional challenges, such as anxiety, OCD, trauma, grief, and more.

  • ACT is based on the idea that suffering is a natural part of the human experience, and that efforts to avoid or eliminate painful thoughts and emotions can actually make them worse. Instead, ACT encourages individuals to embrace their emotions and experiences, and to focus on developing a sense of psychological flexibility that allows them to live in accordance with their values and goals.

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